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pet brooder

by Kelly Dorning VN, Herriot House Veterinary Surgery, Toowoomba, QLD

I’ve been working at this clinic for many years and, in the past, we’ve struggled to keep litters of puppies and kittens at the correct temperature when they were delivered naturally or by caesarian. We’ve tried cardboard boxes, heating mats, lamps and all sorts of other things but it’s really difficult to maintain the correct temperature. The Pet Brooder solved all our problems.

What’s good about it

The Pet Brooder can be set to an exact temperature and it will maintain it for a set period of time. It has a perspex lid so the litter can be observed without the need to constantly open the unit. Despite this, we like to check the animals regularly to ensure everything is fine. I like to open it a little, put it in my hand, and feel the animals and the temperature in there. It’s perfect every time.

It’s easy to transport so staff often take it home overnight when a litter may be in intensive care. We don’t loan it out to our clients but have recommended that many of our breeders purchase the product, which they have.

The unit is large enough to fit most breeds of newborn litters though it might struggle with a litter of Saint Bernards. The bigger breeds can usually maintain their temperature more efficiently so this unit is ideal for smaller breeds that lose body heat very quickly.

It has a read-out that clearly displays the temperature at which it has been set and is at the moment. It’s very accurate and the unit has been a great addition to our clinic.

What’s not so good

If a clinic isn’t doing many caesareans, they probably won’t get the full use out of it. It would be great if it had a battery option so it could stay on when transporting litters around on cold days.

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