Tools of the trade: Remex T100 portable X-ray digital camera


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digital X-ray camera

by Dr Amy Kay, Dr Jana’s Pet Hub, Lavington, NSW

This is a small, portable X-ray camera that’s easy to use and gives great results. Our patients are almost exclusively dogs and cats, and we use this camera for all their dentals.

What’s good about it

The Remex T100 can be incorporated into any dental and has been a helpful tool for identifying disease. It comes with varying sized plates that can be developed immediately and the results appear on the computer within a minute. It’s highly time-effective when we’re in the middle of an anaesthetic. The quality of the images is high and very detailed.

Dentals are becoming more popular in our clinic, so the camera gets a lot of use. I think clients are beginning to understand that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to their pet’s teeth. If we’re concerned about a tooth but not sure if it needs extracting, the X-ray will reveal what’s needed. Likewise, teeth that appear healthy can have a whole range of issues below the gumline.

The camera uses a low dose of radiation though the operator still needs to wear a gown and the room is cleared. It’s a cordless unit that has a long battery life. It’s a great tool for any practice interested in improving the quality of their dentistry.

What’s not so good

The camera is expensive to purchase which can be an issue if the clinic does not do many dentals. As it’s a handheld device, the radiographer has no way to shield behind a screen. 

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