Tools of the trade: ri-focus LED Headlight

LED headlight

by Dr Andrew Spanner, Walkerville Veterinary Surgery, SA

It’s helpful to have bright, directed light when looking in ears, eyes, mouth, and when searching for grass seeds in paws. I’ve tried many different headlamps and most of them are awkward because they often need to go over or attach to my glasses.

What’s good about it

Even though the ri-focus is quite large, it’s well balanced when you wear it. You can just pick it up and place it on your head like a crown. There’s no need to fiddle with anything—one quick movement and you’re ready to go.

The battery sits on the back of the headband and helps keep it balanced. This is a much better system than when the battery is attached to your belt. The headband size is adjustable and even though I have a large head, it fits well and comfortably.

The light is moderately bright and perfect for use in the consultation room. I find I’m using it for a few minutes during every consultation. It’s even saved me a few times when the power has gone out in the practice.

It uses rechargeable batteries that can be replaced when they eventually wear out. They only need to be charged about once a week. I’m on my third ri-focus headlamp now—it’s a great product.

What’s not so good

The light is slightly blue which is annoying if you’re trying to look at the colour of mucous membranes—therefore it’s not very good for judging cyanosis in gums. It’s a fairly expensive item to purchase. I just wanted something I can pick up and use without thinking, and that’s what it does.

Where did you get it



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