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by Dr Stephen Crouch, Gawler Animal Hospital, SA

The Rover Veterinary X-ray unit is such a new product that I believe we may have the first one sold in Australia. It’s a digital X-ray system with a wireless plate. The whole unit is very mobile and can be easily moved around without fear of falling over.

What’s good about it

The beauty of this unit is that we can take X-rays on the table or on the ground. One of the first patients was the family dog of a nurse. It’s a fairly large dog and was having trouble breathing. Rather than lifting the dog onto the table, we left it relatively undistressed on the ground. It was simply a matter of sliding the plate under the dog, positioning the generator and taking the X-ray. 

The whole unit is very manoeuvrable. It can be easily moved into our surgery so I can take postoperative X-rays after orthopaedic operations. There is no need to disconnect the animal from the anaesthetic and move it into our radiology area.

The Rover uses a lot less radiation and is a lot more focused. It doesn’t need to be in a graphite-lined X-ray room. There’s also no need to put the plate through a processor. It can be left in position while we check the results on the screen. If we need to roll the animal or move the plate, there’s no delay. The quality of the images is amazing.

What’s not so good

You have to remember to charge the plate daily. It comes with two batteries and it’s important to leave one in the charger and one in the unit.

Where did you get it

Micro X


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