Tools of the trade: Sedivue DX Urine Sediment Analyser

urine sediment analyser

by Dr Kevin Cruickshank, Gold Coast Vet Surgery, Surfers Paradise, QLD

We use the Sedivue with every urine analysis. This means that there’s always a sediment exam performed and not just the dipstick. By looking at the sediment under the microscope, we’re able to provide a much more comprehensive set of results.

What’s good about it

Prior to purchasing the Sedivue, we were only selecting to do the sediment exam when we felt it was really going to be useful or necessary. Obviously, when being selective like that, you may miss some cases. The preparation for a sediment exam was fairly time-consuming and required the vet, or well-trained nurse, to interpret the results. The SediVue is like an automated in-built microscope. It processes the urine and looks at 75 high-powered fields in about four minutes. 

It’s very fast and has been a real time-saver in the clinic. It has also raised the standard of our urine analysis and given more consistent results than having different staff members examine the sediments. The results are extremely reliable.

A range of images are produced—like photographs from a microscope—that can be manually reviewed. There’s also a printed report we can give or email to our clients. The report looks professional and gives them confidence that it’s a well-run lab test, justifying the extra expense of running the urine test.

What’s not so good

Occasionally, we have to repeat the test because the results are overcrowded with images. It doesn’t cost any more to run it again and the machine guides you when it’s needed. The outright purchase price is also high. 

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