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digital workflow system

By Nadia Butler VN, Animal Medical Centre, Launceston, TAS

SmartFlow is an efficient digital method of tracking, recording and streamlining our workflow. It replaces the old whiteboard where we would write the patient details and the procedure to be performed.

What’s good about it

The main reason we purchased SmartFlow is for its invoice capturing and integration with RxWorks, as well as for management and flow of our hospital.

SmartFlow is a subscription service, and we have eight subscriptions. This allows for up to eight people to access the program in real time. It’s very useful for nurses in charge of the hospitals in the morning. They can log in and see the patient list, why they’re in and what we did with each patient the day before. 

It’s a good communication tool between staff. Everything you need to know is on screen and there’s a note section where nurses and vets can write specific details. It also has a prompt when a medication for a patient is due. This is handy when the medication is due at an unusual time.

One feature I like about SmartFlow is that you can add a photo of the patient. When you have a lot of dogs with the same name, Rosie Brown for example, you can look at their photo and ensure you have the right dog.

What’s not so good

If a vet is on RxWorks, typing up notes or doing the billing for a procedure, that means RxWorks is in editing mode. If a nurse initials a drug on SmartFlow at the same time, that goes through to RxWorks and it creates a new visit. As some vets like to do their bills straight after a procedure, and we’ll be giving post-op meds at the same time, this can happen fairly frequently.

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