Tools of the trade: Sterrad 100S steriliser


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by Dr Diana Barker, Evervet, Prahran, VIC

The Sterrad 100S is a cold steriliser that we use with all our laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment. We also use it to sterilise plastics, cautery units and tubing. It’s a large unit, but it’s efficient and allows us to reuse a lot of kit that would ordinarily be disposed of.

What’s good about it

The unit is positioned in the corner of a cupboard and is much larger than a regular benchtop steriliser. It runs a 55-minute cycle so equipment can be turned around pretty quickly. It’s quite deep, so it can fit really long instruments that can’t be sterilised in our normal autoclave. As it’s low-heat, it doesn’t melt plastic, which makes it very effective. It’s loaded up like a normal autoclave and a cartridge is fitted before running the unit.

It’s great to be able to sterilise tubing, disposable electrocautery handpieces and ligasures. Insufflator tubing for our laparoscopic equipment can also be sterilised and re-used, which helps make things cost-effective as we don’t have to keep throwing all those things out.

It’s very easy to operate, basically just a push of a button. It’s also a very robust machine. We’ve had it for a couple of years but have only had the technician out once, and that was just for a service. 

What’s not so good

The unit is quite large and takes up a fair bit of space. It also needs three-phase power so once it’s in position, it’s not going to be moved.

Where did you get it


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