Tools of the trade: Summus Platinum P4 therapeutic laser


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therapeutic laser

by Sarah Meere VN, Asquith Veterinary Hospital, NSW

This Summus laser uses specific wavelengths of light for different therapeutic effects within the body. Using photobiomodulation, it encourages healing, reduces pain, increases circulation, and decreases swelling and inflammation.

What’s good about it

We mainly use this laser for treating osteoarthritis, joint pain, general joint inflammation, and back and neck pain. It can be used effectively with animals that do a lot of exercise to aid muscle recovery. Our older patients see a lot of benefit in regard to their osteoarthritis as they can get around much easier, particularly in the colder months.

We also use it post-surgically on wounds, spays and castration sites to promote healing. If a wound can’t be sutured then the P4 laser can be used to promote skin regeneration. The unit comes with a variety of attachments that are added to the laser wand to treat a variety of conditions in a range of locations.

If it’s used as a one-off treatment, there will be a small immediate improvement. A lot of our clients come back for a weekly session with the laser and the cumulative result is very good. The frequency of use recommendation is 3,2,1—three sessions in the first week, two sessions in the second week and one session in the third week. Compliance is very important to gain the full benefit.

What’s not so good

The biggest issue is convincing clients that it works. It’s not an injection or a medication; it’s something that provides almost invisible healing. The operator and the patient also must wear green protective goggles. It can be very difficult to get a dog to wear goggles—or doggles—and for them to stay in place.

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