Tools of the trade: Trio Sting-Free Adhesive Remover


by Dr Victoria Balnave, Mt Druitt Veterinary Clinic, NSW

This adhesive remover is quick, painless and doesn’t cause any trauma to the skin or patient. I use it when removing bandages, tape, catheters and things like that.

What’s good about it

This is a silicon-based product you spray onto the bandage to dissolve the glue. There’s no need to peel up the bandage and spray it on the adhesive surface; it just soaks through and the bandage can be painlessly lifted from the skin. Trio can be sprayed at any angle and as it doesn’t contain propellant, it sprays silently and won’t freak out the animal. Once a bandage is removed, another bandage can be used in exactly the same spot and it will adhere as normal.

Trio is also a lot less irritating to the skin than other products—even if the animal has a skin condition. Generally, the act of removing bandages and tapes is quite an irritating process but Trio really helps with that. It doesn’t sting or feel cold when sprayed on the skin. It also dries quickly and leaves no residue behind. 

It comes in 50ml and 200ml spray cans. I’ve found that most other adhesive removers are pretty awful as they create a lot of mess and have a strong solvent smell. It’s also impossible to replace a bandage once you’ve used them. Trio adhesive remover is simply a superior product.

What’s not so good

It’s more expensive than similar products but it’s such a great product and works so well, the extra cost is more than warranted.

Where did you get it

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