Tools of the trade: Utech UTM02V Multiparameter patient monitoring system


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by Shanna Waugh VN, Ninderry Veterinary Surgery, Yandina, QLD

A veterinary specific multiparameter patient monitoring system is an invaluable tool for a vet nurse in the emergency department, operating room and ICU. I’ve found this unit to be accurate, easy to set up and use, and it displays the information clearly. 

What’s good about it

This Utech multiparameter monitor provides a range of readings including heart rate, cardiac activity, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate and temperature. It also provides an ETCO2 reading by measuring the CO2 in each breath.

An alarm will activate if any of the parameters are out of the normal range. The parameters can be set according to size, breed and condition of the patient. 

This unit allows for early detection of anaesthetic complications. It also enables us to provide more effective titration of anaesthetic depth, in turn improving patient safety and surgical outcomes.

What’s not so good

A multiparameter monitoring system does not replace regular, hands-on monitoring by a nurse throughout an anaesthetic and should not be considered an alternative. Technical malfunctions can occur and while most parameters have proven valuable, the EtCO2 component of this machine has given us some grief. Any loose connections or a poorly positioned monitoring device can result in false readings for capnography and EtCO2. As there are usually several parameters being monitored at any given time, there are often numerous alarms that can sometimes trigger unnecessary concern from vet and nurse alike.

Where did you get it

U-Tech Medical


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