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by Dr Warren Doidge, Companion Vet Care, North Lakes, QLD

Vet Radar is a cloud-based patient care software solution that integrates into practice management software programs, including ezyVet that we use. It looks after the daily workflow and the charting for our hospital and anaesthetised patients.

What’s good about it

Vet Radar has two different types of sheets for two different workflows. One is dedicated for anaesthetic monitoring and the other is highly customisable to creating planning treatments for hospital patients. We use a large television to act as our digital whiteboard but it can also be seen and manipulated on iPads and other tablets.

Initially, there’s an implementation process where you customise and tailor how it will be used in your practice. There are several pre-loaded templates that we build off to suit our specific needs. The Vet Radar software records the information we input onto the charts and transfers it to the ezyVet patient record. It creates a complete paper trail from start to finish. Depending on how deeply you choose to integrate the software, it can also create the billings for medications, consumables and surgeries.

I’ve been happy with the usability of the charting, the general ease of use, and the level of record keeping. All the information is easy to read and colour coded. The names are clearly visible, as are any alerts on the patient file. Vet Radar is an ongoing subscription-based product.

What’s not so good

It’s not as customisable as we’d like when it comes to hospital charts. The billing process can also be a little bit limited. Vet Radar is continuously updating their software so I’m hoping to see an improvement in the future. The only other issue is that only a certain number of patients are visible on the screen at any one time.

Where did you get it

Vet Radar

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