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electronic log for Schedule 8 drugs

by Dr Kunal Nagaich, Lynbrook Vet, VIC

Vet S8 is an electronic log of Schedule 8 drugs. It’s a paperless system that saves time, increases efficiency and is very accurate.

What’s good about it

In most clinics, the quantities of Schedule 8 drugs that are used every day are manually recorded in a vet register. All the Section 8 drugs, such as methadone and ketamine, must be logged in this register. Unfortunately, this system is prone to human error and is very time-consuming.

Vet S8 is an online system that uses software to scan invoices at the end of every day. It can identify and record all Schedule 8 drugs that have been dispensed. Rather than handwriting all this information, it records it automatically. The only additional information required is to list the purpose of the drug.çIt can also record each time Schedule 8 drugs are received from a supplier. It can then keep track of the quantities of the drugs held in the clinic. It makes audits much easier and more accurate. Compliance is also a lot better with this particular software because the only requirement is that the drugs are invoiced, which is what all good practices already do. 

This is a fast, efficient and accurate system. I would never go back to manually recording all this information.

What’s not so good

The support could be improved. Whenever I call the company, I always have to leave a message and I’m unable to speak to a real person. Modeus does eventually call back.

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