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by Dr Beth Moore, Secret Harbour Veterinary Clinic, WA

Vedi is a seamless way of capturing, sharing and managing medical data and connecting practices to other animal health professionals and services. 

What’s good about it

When an animal comes into our practice, their microchip is scanned, and we check that the details are registered to the owner. Vedi connects with our EzyVet practice management software and will notify us if we’re missing a phone number or any other information. It ensures our records are up to date.

To record detailed vaccination data into our system, including batch number, we simply scan the vial with the Vedi app. If the animal should see a different vet or go to a different practice for their next vaccination, all that information is readily accessible. Any practice or kennel that has Vedi can access these vaccination records. Vedi also sends a digital vaccination certificate to the owner. This will automatically update when the animal receives more vaccines.

The Vedi app allows us to send submissions to Vetpath pathology lab in less than a minute. When I scan the barcode on the side of the blood tube, it connects to EzyVet and attaches that animal’s history to the submission. Any emergency hospital can access all the blood tests we have done through Vedi. 

It’s much more efficient to update microchip information in-house rather than relying on the owner doing it. Our clinic has only been open for 20 months and, so far, we’ve identified five failed microchips. We were able to re-microchip those animals immediately with Vedi without filling out forms. 

What’s not so good

At the moment, Vedi is concentrating on data capture, microchip registration, vaccination and pathology, but they’re planning to expand their services in the future.

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