Tools of the trade: Welch Allyn Macroview Veterinary Otoscope


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macroview otoscope

by Dr Victoria Harrington, Ivanhoe Veterinary Clinic, VIC

This otoscope provides a wide and clear field of view. We see many cases of otitis at my clinic and we make sure to use this otoscope for every ear consult.

What’s good about it

Welch Allyn claims this otoscope has a 27 per cent greater magnification and a 35 per cent greater field of view when compared to a traditional otoscope. I would agree that it’s far superior to the traditional otoscope. In fact, when I switch back to the traditional otoscope, my visualisation of the tympanic membrane is reduced and I feel less confident with my clinical decisions.

The Macroview otoscope is effective for looking at the tympanic membrane. This is of particular importance when I’m deciding which medications are appropriate to dispense for a particular patient. It also allows me more confidence in identifying and removing foreign bodies and is commonly used with ear flushes performed in the clinic.

The unit consists of a basic Welch Allyn handpiece with the macroview otoscope attached on top. There is a strong LED light source that illuminates everything beautifully. The focus can be adjusted easily which makes it easy for different vets to use quickly.

It has a rechargeable battery and sits on a charging unit when not in use. I first purchased this otoscope three years ago and liked it so much, I’ve bought multiple units for the clinic since then.

What’s not so good

Even though the LED globes are long lasting, when they need to be replaced, they’re quite expensive and are sometimes hard to source.

Where did you get it


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