Tools of the trade: Ruijin orthopaedic sagittal saw

orthopaedic sagittal saw

by Dr Jenny Weston, Torrens Road Veterinary Clinic, Croydon Park, SA

This orthopaedic sagittal saw cuts cleanly and quickly. In the past I’ve used Gigli wire but that’s horrible stuff that causes a lot of muscle damage. I’ve also used a hammer and chisel, and bone-cutting forceps but none of them cut bone as efficiently and cleanly as the Ruijin saw.

What’s good about it

I use this oscillating saw whenever I need to cut bone. It’s the perfect tool for a femoral head removal. It’s easy to position exactly where it needs to go and is very accurate when cutting. I have two different sized blades but there are at least half a dozen sizes available. For our practice and what I do, two blades are sufficient. I am a good basic surgeon and I use it when cutting jawbone, for amputations and for all femoral head removals.

The blades can be autoclaved and re-used. We’ve owned this saw for about four years and I haven’t wrecked a blade yet. The blades are still as sharp as the day we purchased it.

It comes with two batteries that can be changed while in surgery. The back can be opened while you are still sterile and one of the nurses can swap the battery. So far, I haven’t needed to do this because the saw works so quickly. The handpiece of the unit is also autoclavable but the batteries are not.

What’s not so good

It’s quite a heavy saw. There is a lighter model available but I suspect that it wouldn’t have the power of this one. There also needs to be some training in regard to which parts of the saw can be autoclaved. If you’re not careful, it can make a bit of a mess during surgery by spraying blood all over the place.

Where did you get it



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