Tools of the trade: Uniden DECT 3135 cordless phone


by Dr Jodie Spence, Yankalilla Veterinary Clinic, SA

Our practice is situated in the old town jail where from out the back, it was difficult to hear the phone ring at the front desk through the thick stone walls. We placed three of these Uniden cordless handsets around the practice and they’ve worked out great.

What’s good about it

If the nurses are away from the front desk, they can just slip one of these phones into their pocket. If a client rings, they don’t have to run through the practice to answer the phone. It means they are much more efficient and able to multitask.

Our main phone system is digital and the cordless handsets have been linked in so that everything is connected. When the main phone rings, the cordless handsets ring as well. If there’s only one staff member in the practice, it frees them up if they need to hang out the washing or walk a dog. It makes it easy to field a phone call while they’re doing something else.

It allows staff to be mobile and keep the lines of communication open with clients. It also means that if the staff member on the front desk is really involved with a client, any other staff member can answer the phone from one of these handsets.

The handsets charge when they are sitting in their cradle and they work up to 50 metres away from the base station. We’ve placed all the cordless phones in the back of the practice so the entire building and the backyard are well covered.

What’s not so good

I really can’t think of any negatives with these phones. They work great, we’ve had no problems with them and the area of coverage is quite large.

Where did you get it

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