Tools of the trade: VetConnect® Plus


04. vetconnect2Review by Dr Nadia Kingham, Aldgate Veterinary Clinic, Aldgate, SA

This is a free app for mobile phones that connects to all of our in-house and external Idexx laboratory work. The results come straight through to your phone or tablet. You need to have an IDEXX account for this to work and once VetConnect® Plus is downloaded it automatically links to that account.


What’s good about it

It doesn’t matter whether I’m at the clinic, at home or out getting lunch—as soon as the results come through, they appear on my phone. I can look at the information instantly and decide what needs to be done.

On weekends when results are coming through from the external laboratory, I don’t need to go back to the clinic, log onto a computer or check a fax machine. The app will ping me and I’ll have all the results at my fingertips. It really is amazingly convenient.

Just recently I was out of the office and the app updated the results for a dog with some liver abnormalities. I was able to ring the clinic straight away and start the dog on fluids, then ring the client and inform them why their dog would be staying with us.

It saves time for both clients and vets. Clients don’t have to bring their animals back in for results as I can just ring them and explain what is happening. I’ve had it on my phone for three weeks and it works fantastically well. I am going to recommend that the other vets in our practice download it too.


What’s not so good

The results come with the client’s name and allocates them a number. It would be really handy if that number could be integrated online with our own computer records.


Where did you get it

IDEXX Laboratories. It can be downloaded at or at the Apple app store.



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