Upcoming virtual event focuses on nutrition and dispelling misinformation

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The North American Veterinary Community’s (NAVC) and Hill’s Pet Nutrition will host the Level Up: Nutrition Summit, on Thursday, 16 June, beginning at 6pm EST, where veterinary professionals will learn about new techniques to perform more successful nutrition exams, to better educate pet owners, and more effectively engage clients in creating and maintaining nutritional health plans for their pets.

While the virtual summit is geared for the entire veterinary team, it also includes content specifically designed to help veterinary nurses/technicians assume leadership roles in nutrition education within the practice. 

“Nutrition is important to an animal’s health but pet owners, while well-intended, often get misinformation that may lead to poor diet choices for their pet,” NAVC chief veterinary officer Dana Varble said.

“That is why nutrition should be assessed at every exam so the veterinary team can help sort through the plethora of information that’s out there and, together, develop the strategy for food and treats that best contribute to the animal’s health.”

The Level Up: Nutrition Summit includes three interactive sessions designed to help veterinary teams incorporate a nutrition assessment into each patient visit and to effectively educate pet owners to maximise the animal’s health and longevity.

“The free Level Up: Nutrition Summit is another example of the NAVC’s commitment to providing all veterinary professionals access to lifelong learning that benefits the animal healthcare team and the pets they care for,” NAVC CEO Gene O’Neill said.

Registration for the Level Up: Nutrition Summit can be accessed here.


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