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chemistry analyser
The Skyla Solution: A flexible chemistry analyser with no strings attached.

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Vepa would like to give the Vet industry a pat on the back for battling through the challenges of the last two years.

Veterinary practices responded admirably to the covid outbreak. Our own personnel witnessed this in the field. Within hours of public health notices being issued, clinics had covid-safe procedures in place, including electronic check-ins, carpark consultations and other social distancing measures. In all honesty, a lot of Vepa’s customers adapted faster than we did.

Through lock-downs, border closures, and a shortage of vets, our industry shone—delivering world-class healthcare to an ever-increasing number of pets, in the most trying of times.

Behind the scenes, international shipping, particularly air freights, ground to a halt. And many suppliers to the industry, Vepa included, reeled from product shortage, delays, and massive increases in freight costs. 

And then it decided to rain. A lot. Our thoughts are with those communities still recovering, including the local vet practices in the thick of it.

A defining characteristic of every surviving business is the ability to remain agile. It’s important to keep your options open, and not commit to anything that constrains or limits that agility.

We’d like to introduce you to the Skyla Solution chemistry analyser. It fits the definition of agile perfectly.

chemistry analyser

The Skyla can run three patient samples simultaneously. You’ll be able to run comprehensive diagnostic panels with 17 parameters, or single tests, or a mixture of both. There’s T4 testing, electrolyte testing, and a diabetes panel. As well as critical care options for emergencies. Urgent tests can be started while other tests are running, with no delay.  

It’s the only multi-patient rotor analyser on the Australian market, AND its cost per test is significantly lower than competitors. 

The machine’s flexibility is replicated in Vepa’s business approach. We don’t commit clinics to testing volumes they may not achieve. We don’t make clinic sign contracts that tie them down, sometimes for years. And with Vepa, clinics are not restricted to one brand of testing. In fact, they’re not restricted in any way at all.  It is hard enough to predict business conditions from one month to the next, without trying to determine your in-house diagnostic patterns in a year’s time. We know that, and so we’re doing all we can to help practices stay agile.

In addition to the Skyla, we’re also supplying the EPOC blood gas, Vcheck Immunology, and Qlabs coagulation analysers. ALL with the same no-strings-attached flexibility.

At Vepa we’ve been rolling with the punches for a while now. We’re still here, and we’re in your corner. 

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