Vet S8 to revolutionise Schedule 8 administration


vet-s8Software company Methsof has recently released a new product, Vet S8, which it believes to be revolutionary for the veterinary profession and the way it records and manages Schedule 8 medication. Having been developed following extensive consultation with practice owners and industry bodies, including the Australian Veterinary Association, the product aims to improve processes and procedures within veterinary practices, making them more compliant with regulations and efficient as an operation.

The Vet S8 electronic controlled drug register follows Methsof’s developments in the pharmacy market, and with Schedule 8 medications heavily regulated by state government health departments, with regular audits carried out, this new product from the company helps to replace manual recordings. Its key benefits include a paperless solution and customised reporting, with Methsof offering a free 30-day trial and software updates and support in its registration costs.

Methsof’s Vet S8 is currently approved by health departments in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory, with approval pending in other states and territories. Click through for a short video demonstration.

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