Vet shortage is main concern for practice managers

veterinarian shortage

A shortage of employable veterinarians in the coming year is a serious concern for more than half of the veterinary practice managers in Australia, new data shows.

The 2019 MPV Veterinary Industry Growth and Direction Survey of more than 90 practice managers by MPV Consulting has revealed a third of practice managers are uncertain about the availability of staff in the near future, with a further 23 per cent indicating they feel very negative about the prospect.

In comparison, only 23 per cent of clinic managers say hiring staff is not seen as being an issue.

Although the employment concerns are widespread, encouragingly it is not impacting overall industry confidence with four out of 10 survey participants reporting an upbeat outlook for the next 12 months.

This is on top of a further 4.6 per cent who say they are very positive. 

“The fact that 77 per cent do not feel confident about the prospect of being able to find good veterinarians obviously shows there will be cautiousness when choosing to expand or when considering new employees,” MPV director Dr Rob White said.

“There is a trend towards veterinarians working part-time with lesser numbers wishing to work full-time, which may be very good for work-life balance, but is proving to be a challenge for employers.

“It is also no secret there are insufficient graduates in the industry, combined with a high turnover rate once new graduates enter the workforce,” Dr White added.

“These factors are proving to be an ongoing frustration for many practice managers.”


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