VetAPedia reaches global audiences and forms its own identity


The well-known vet exclusive resource dubbed VetAPedia has now landed itself a new home—leaving Animal Emergency Service’s website and setting up shop here.

Originally envisioned as a place to share free veterinary content with other Australian vets, in less than a year the online platform has gained worldwide membership and interest, sparking the company to separate it from the Animal Emergency Service brand.

“We wanted to bring everyone [in Australia] into our treatment rooms,” said Dr Rob Webster, founder of Animal Emergency Service and the leader of the team who invented the VetAPedia concept. 

“But now, we are being inundated with emails from overseas. Vets are telling us that they need emergency and critical care resources, and they need them fast. It’s become bigger than we ever imagined; it’s no longer an Animal Emergency Service resource.

“It’s a shared collaboration by emergency and critical care vets everywhere, something that belongs to the vet profession as a whole—and not just in Australia,” Dr Webster added.

Every resource is passed through a strict peer review process by VetAPedia’s scientific committee.

Given the natural progression of VetAPedia into a worldwide collaboration hub for vets, Dr Webster says the committee has extended its reach to enable vets everywhere to help save the sickest of pets.

“With feedback from vets all over the world—we now know more about what vets need access to,” Dr Webster said.

“Our vision is to advance the field of emergency and critical care and to ensure all animal patients receive the best standard of medical service.”


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