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iM3 Vet-Exam Pro

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iM3 is thrilled to present iM3 Vet-Exam Pro, the brand new, fast, simple, reliable, and modern veterinary dental X-ray software.

Taking all our experience as the leading supplier of veterinary dental radiography and combining it with the feedback from our customers and participants at iM3 ACE courses over the years has allowed us to develop something truly special that is tailored and specific to the veterinary dental market.

iM3 Vet-Exam Pro makes many new innovations and has been designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. it fits perfectly in the iM3 ethos and is an excellent companion to the iM3 CR 7 VET and the “Size Matters” approach to full mouth overview X-rays, allowing the user to make the most of these excellent tools. Our favorite features include integrated Capture and viewer screen which automatically saves images and allows the immediate comparison between newly acquired and older images. Veterinary specific layouts are preloaded that allow for quick and professional looking dental overviews (as pictured above). The radiographs can be automatically populated into the layouts based on the tooth number as you take a full mouth overview. Stop by the iM3 booth to discuss upgrading your software. 

If new dental X-ray software doesn’t jolt you’re interest the new Tara and Shona dental tables designed by iM3 and manufactured in Europe should! 

The state of the art Stainless steel tables set the standards in ergonomics allowing the user to work effortlessly around the end of the curved dental end either in a sitting or standing position. 

The Tara also features infrared warming (with no hot spots) for patient comfort along with a wireless foot pedal to control all movements of the table electronically. Both tables are Portable yet stable and capable of holding 150kg.

iM3 is an Australian owned veterinary dental company with facilities in Sydney, Australia, the USA and Europe. iM3 designs, manufactures, sells and services veterinary dental equipment and dental products throughout the world. 

Our aim at iM3 is to help veterinarians make dentistry a profitable and enjoyable part of their daily practice by providing machinery and instruments of the highest quality with a range that suits every budget coupled with education.  

The name iM3 is your guarantee of veterinary specific dental products, unlimited technical support, long warranties and loaner replacement program all supported by knowledgeable iM3 team members.

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