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Ellie Brosnan has mastered the fine art of candle making. 

There’s a lot that goes into making a beautiful, scented candle and Ellie Brosnan VN of Warwick Vet Hospital in Western Australia is a master of her art.

“About six years ago, I became obsessed with candles. It was costing me a fortune because the candles I liked were super expensive. I decided to do a one-day candle-making course with my mum, Karen, where we learned the basics. For the next couple of years, we made candles for fun and it became addictive. We were candle-making together every weekend.

“It’s time consuming to make a decent candle. There’s a lot of research and experimentation with temperatures, types of wax and scents. You have to add the fragrance at just the right moment so it doesn’t burn. Since it takes a lot of trial and error, we’ve ended up with hundreds of candles lying around the house.

“The type of wax you use is crucial. I prefer 100 per cent soy wax as it’s odourless and burns nicely. Candles that use paraffin wax burn with a black smoke that will leave a mark on a white wall. Just the right amount of scent needs to be added to ensure the candle isn’t too overpowering. Our candles are dessert-scented such as salted caramel and lemon meringue pie or have a really fresh scent such as coconut and lime, and mint mojito.

“Four years ago, I was involved in an accident and received third-degree burns on my chest and stomach. The accident had nothing to do with candle-making and I was unable to work for three years. Initially, I couldn’t be near hot things such as melted wax but as I began to heal, mum and I decided to upgrade from a hobby to a business. We set up the Everyday Candle Co as an online shop.

“I’m completely healed now and back at work as a vet nurse but I’m still making candles and selling them online. Sales definitely peak at certain times. At Christmas we can barely make candles fast enough. They’re also very popular in the middle of winter. Everyone loves a cosy candle when it turns cold. 

“Mum is still involved with the business. She calls herself my assistant but she’s very much a partner. I love candle-making and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with mum, working together to create beautiful things. There’s a lot that goes into something that can look so simple. Having people enjoy what we make without a massive cost is very satisfying. It’s also an enjoyable process. I light a candle every single day when I get home from work and it’s immediately relaxing.”

Visit Ellie’s online candle shop at: everydaycandleco.shop.


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