Webinar to offer veterinary mental health advice

veterinary mental health webinar
Dr Natasha Wilks and her golden retriever, Bailey

With COVID-19 restrictions putting vet practices under increased operational and financial stress, the need for mental health support has never been more important.

With this front of mind, veterinarian and founder of High Performance Vets, Dr Natasha Wilks, is presenting a webinar on Sunday 19 July at 7.15pm on practical strategies for maintaining mental wellbeing in practice.

“While hugely rewarding, the veterinary profession also entails numerous challenges to mental health that necessitate the need for proactive management,” Dr Wilks said.

“These can include long hours, euthanising animals, delivering bad news to pet owners, emotional blackmail from clients who can’t afford to pay their bills and even violence at the hands of customers.”

Speaking from personal experience and as a veterinary career coach, Dr Wilks’ webinar will offer a range of advice to help vets identify and manage mental health concerns. 

“We spend our entire days helping others, so we sometimes forget that it’s okay to let someone else help us,” Dr Wilks said.

“For me to reach out and admit that I wasn’t coping was the first step, which is where the webinar will start.”

The online session, held by the Australian Veterinary Association and Zoetis, will discuss the importance of maintaining your mental health, the signs you may not be coping, how to get help and the key strategies to improve your wellbeing.  

The webinar is part of Zoetis’ annual campaign commitment to donate up to $100,000 in 2020 to mental health organisation, Beyond Blue, to help provide online and phone counselling services and referrals nationwide. 

To attend the webinar, register for VetFest 2020.


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