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REM SYSTEMS?Now you can do a complete wellness screen including heartworm on one profile.

Canine Wellness Profile (CWP)

Available Pack Sizes

24 pack p/n 500-0044-24

Only available for VetScan VS2
Chemistry Analyzers

  • ALB – Albumin
  • BUN – Blood Urea Nitrogen
  • CRE – Creatinine ⎯  PHOS – Phosphorus
  • ALP – Alkaline Phosphatase
  • CA – Calcium
  • *GLOB – Globulin
  • TBIL – Total Bilirubin
  • ALT – Alanine Aminotransferase
  • CHW – Canine Heartworm Antigen Test
  • GLU – Glucose
  • TP – Total Protein

*Calculated Value

What’s Special?

CWP is the only chemistry profile that combines an automated heartworm test with additional parameters to test liver and kidney function to evaluate overall health.

Used For:
  • Comprehensive wellness testing and heartworm screening prior to prescribing heartworm preventative.
  • Young dogs >6 months to obtain baseline values and begin heartworm screening prior to administering preventatives.
  • Adult dogs <7 years to screen for common abnormalities found in young patients without clinical signs.
  • Diagnosis of heartworm disease in patients suspected of having infection while gathering baseline values prior to administering treatment.
  • Monitoring internal organ function in a patient previously determined to have a heartworm infection at a wellness or recheck visit.
  • Primary or secondary testing to confirm unexpected results. The American Heartworm Society recommends confirmatory testing of any asymptomatic heartworm positive patient with limited exposure.
  • Benefits of the Canine Wellness Profile:
  • Using the VetScan VS2 Chemistry Analyzer with Intelligent Quality Control (iQC) to test both general chemistries and heartworm, the CWP:
  • Reduces interpretive mistakes.
  • Removes possibility of misreading light.reactions as negative (false negatives).
  • Removes false positives from evaluating results after recommended time (non-specific reactions).
  • Easily and effectively expand affordable wellness testing to screen for subclinical disease at the point of care.
  • Reduces nurse time, sample handling time and having to use multiple methods or send out.
  • Reduce costs with combined
    chemistry and heartworm testing and increase profits.
  • Increase profits by increasing testing compliance at a more affordable cost to your clients.
  • Provides peace of mind for the client, veterinarian and staff.

For more information visit www.remsystems.com.au


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