Why pets need a supplement – everyday?


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As a valued member of the family, is your pet getting enough nutrients?  Like the rest of our family, animals can’t make nutrients by themselves, so a balanced diet that has a high nutritional value will help meet their daily dietary requirements, no matter what stage of life they may be at.

The Petmima professional team have designed a range of products using the best of nutritional science and ingredients available.  Thinking about the biggest needs of our furry friends the primary requirement would start with a professionally formulated multi-vitamin & mineral and support for the digestive system. Considering though that like ours, the needs change throughout a pet’s life, undernourished as a fussy eater, the need for additional nutrients for a developing pet, pregnant, the elderly, those recovering from illness or surgery, the stress & anxious, dull coat & poor skin condition and the list goes on.

Why Vet only? 

Petmima is the balance between everyday use and a prescription for periodic conditions.  Therapeutic strength and manufactured to the strict requirements of the TGA & APVMA regulations to guarantee the quality & consistency expected from a professional recommendation.  The self-select design for a wide range of conditions, including day to day nutrition, displayed on an eye-catching stand so as to not take up valuable counter & clinic shelf space.

Why unflavoured?

With most supplements on the market flavoured, Petmima is unflavoured and free from flavour additives to give a clean, nutritionally-rich alternative.  Because some pets don’t like certain flavours, whether natural or synthetic, unflavoured powder can be added to food or treats the pet already likes.

The basics 

Complete Care+ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral includes the essential vitamins A, E, C, D plus the B group vitamins along with the minerals magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron & selenium to fill nutritional gaps plus has the added benefit of a prebiotic & Green Lipped Mussel.

Important is a healthy digestive system to support the assimilation of nutrients from the food they eat.  Digestive Balance+ Prebiotics is a combination of researched strains of probiotics with prebiotics to provide good bacteria to maintain intestinal and digestive balance.  Offering the greatest chance of reducing the number of digestive upsets and improve the everyday immunologic function.

The Skin & Coat+ DHA & MCT is the combination benefitting cell health and maintaining a normal healthy skin & coat.  It has the addition of tapioca that is beneficial for pets experiencing allergies & sensitivities.

For the young, elderly, undernourished, pregnant or nursing, recovering or developing, the Vitality Boost+ NAD & Goats Milk is the product of choice.  Nutrients known for their benefits to promote vitality and longevity, giving energy and support for healthy cellular function.  Having a balance of Colostrum, Goats Milk & Protein to provide additional support in times of need.

Relax & Calm+ Ashwagandha is for pets affected with stress & anxiety, every-day or event related.  This can be times of change, travel, adverse weather conditions or separation insecurities. The combination of Omega oils, calming herbs & amino acids that have a number of biological effects in the body & how it functions under stress.

Much attention has been given to collagen & bone broth within the joint, bone strength, gastrointestinal health and skin & coat area, it’s the ideal blend. Containing the micronutrients glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, vitamins & minerals including hyaluronic acid can be important during times of illness, recovery and supportive to reduce the impact of age-related joint and digestive deterioration.

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