Win, Win, Win at the Vet Expo 2022

Skyla Solution chemistry analyser

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Visit VEPA at the Vet Expo’s stand C38 to win a Skyla Solution

To enter, answer these 3 questions at our stand.

1. Which in-house lab supplier can save your practice many thousands of dollars per year?

2. Which in-house lab supplier does not make you sign locked-in contracts and then charge you the highest prices for tests?

3. Which chemistry analyser is the easiest to run, has the lowest running costs and can test three patients at the same time?

The Skyla Solution chemistry analyser is the only multi-patient rotor system on the Australian market. Run three patient samples at once. Start emergency samples while others are running. Mix and match panels with single and dual tests. And ALL at the lowest possible running costs. Even if you don’t win the one at the expo, you can STILL have one for free if you run just 40 panels a month!

Visit us at the Vet Expo and learn all about how Vepalabs can make your life easier & more profitable!

Why hop into bed with Vepa?

Skyla Solution chemistry analyser
  • NO locked in contracts. Don’t sign your core diagnostic business away to a huge multi-national for years. You’ll be paying more than you need to, no matter how sexy things look at the start. Enjoy a much more open relationship with Vepa. If you want it, you DON’T have to put a ring on it.
  • The lowest running costs in the market. Call us for a no-obligation business case, based on YOUR real testing numbers, not hypothetical anecdotes from overseas. Our figures stack up. Feel free to examine them.
  • Vepa’s expiry guarantee. With us, things never get old! We’ll swap your expiring stock for fresh stock. There’s a big cost to the business you can now kiss goodbye.
  • A phone hotline. 24/7 Support from a real live person on the end of the phone.
  • We’re very compatible. Free lab integration to get results from our hardware into your software.
  • We can do the splits! Don’t need a whole pack of chemistry panels at once? No problem, we split packs for you.

Vepalabs – Total in house solutions for your practice

From the most cost-effective chemistry and electrolyte testing on the market, to the latest generation haematology and blood gas analysers. Vepalabs can help you enhance your practice, offering a faster more comprehensive service to your clients while saving you thousands in laboratory testing fees.

Providing good old fashioned 24/7 service to Aussie vets with a no-nonsense down to earth approach. Call us on 1300 VEPA LAB (1300 837 252) or email for more information on how we’ll lower your diagnostic costs.

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