WIRES offer flying fox vaccination grants to vets

flying fox vaccination
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WIRES is inviting veterinary practices who would like to treat flying foxes or expand the treatment they currently provide to apply for a grant to cover the costs of necessary vaccinations for staff. WIRES veterinary vaccination grants are available to vet clinic staff nationally.

This emergency preparedness program is specifically designed to increase veterinary capacity to treat flying foxes. 

Wildlife rescuers and carers rely heavily on the generosity of veterinary clinics and wildlife hospitals to triage and treat injured flying foxes that often come into care with severe injuries. Swift treatment is crucial to their survival.
Flying foxes are highly susceptible to heat stress, with mass deaths and mass rescues unfortunately becoming more common in summer months and entire colonies can be severely affected. 

The vaccination program will help species including the spectacled, grey-headed and Christmas Island flying foxes which are classified as vulnerable to extinction or endangered. The devastating drought and fires impacted billions of animals and the grey-headed flying fox was identified as one of 119 species requiring urgent intervention. 

Flying foxes are important long-range pollinators, and are crucial to healthy ecosystems and the regeneration of Australian native forests.  

Grant applications close Monday 30 November.   

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