X-Mind DC


X-Mind DCThe digital dental radiograph system we use has been a great addition to our practice. All our nurses are trained in its operation and it has greatly increased the quality and range of our dental procedures. Dental X-rays are relatively new to the veterinary field and we are lucky to be able to utilise the X-Mind DC to provide gold-standard therapy.

What’s good about it

The unit is attached to the wall in one of our surgeries. It has two long, retractable arms that can move around the patient in order to achieve the right angle for taking an X-ray. It is suitable for all types of cats and dogs and has different sized X-ray plates that fit into the mouth.

The dental developing unit is positioned in a lab and connected to a computer. The plates are processed through the developer, and the image appears virtually instantaneously on the computer screen. The image can then be rotated, adjusted or enlarged.

The whole process is completed in a matter of minutes. We have multiple plates so we can process four images at a time and minimise the anaesthetic time for our patients. Occasionally we discover patients with retained roots from previous dental extractions. We can only assume there was no access to dental X-rays when the extractions were performed.

Thanks to the X-Mind, we are able to ensure the entire root is removed with any new extractions. It also enables us to identify any roots that have previously been left behind.

We now perform many more dental procedures with the added therapy of radiographs during a COHAT [Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment].

What’s not so good

Staff training is paramount so we can provide quality treatment for our four-legged family members and keep their pearly white teeth perfect. Additionally, these units and the software upgrades are very expensive.

Where did you get it

Henry Schein Halas.

by Melissa Applegate VN, Swan Street Vet & Wellness Centre, Richmond, VIC


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