Young animal lovers learn how to be vets this summer holidays

Live surgeries at Future Vet Kids Camp

Learning how to sew stitches, giving pet CPR, watching a desexing surgery …animal loving kids have no better place to be during the summer than at Australia’s popular Future Vet Kids Camp in Sydney.  

The five-day school holiday program is designed by veterinarians and run by vet twins Drs Audrey and Alison Shen from the Bondi Vet TV show and Aussie Mobile Vet. It caters to kids aged 9-16 years and encourages responsible pet ownership, promotes the profession of veterinary medicine, and fosters a love and appreciation of all animals and their habitats. 

The Sydney camp will be held at Waverley College in Waverley on 10-14 and 17-21 January 2022. 

Virtual Online Camp will run concurrently with the HQ Sydney Camp with the ability for kids to join the classroom virtually and participate with questions in real time. 

Campers learn about different animal-related professions, genetic diseases, pet nutrition, exotic animals, surgery, animal rescue, wildlife conservation and more. Plus, they visit state-of-the-art veterinary hospitals for exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences.

The camp also features outstanding presenters with expertise in everything from ultrasound and surgery to animal rehab and wildlife care.

“Whether or not the kids end up following the path to a career in veterinary medicine, just being around many different animals—from greyhounds to snakes— and making like-minded new friends from around Australia will have such a positive impact on them,” Dr Alison said.


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