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CT scan services
The Rvolution ACT combines powerful diagnostic imaging with ease-of-use.

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Veterinary medicine today offers new opportunities for growth, and the quality of CT services can make a difference in what you’re able to achieve. Simple and fast, CT is arguably the most valuable diagnostic imaging tool in veterinary medicine.

Redefine what’s possible with CT

Revolution™ ACT is designed not only as a product, but as a solution to easily help providing more diagnostic confidence, clinical excellence, and better patient care while managing your financial performance.  All revolutions start somewhere. Our revolution began with the Revolution CT system—designed from the ground up for pioneering the future of CT. Revolution ACT inherits many technologies from Revolution CT system—like the new Clarity panel detector, or new user interface.

Offer more services while still managing costs

Improve your ability to provide outstanding CT scan services while managing the overall cost of care. Revolution ACT can help reaching more patients and enable them to benefit from a full range of care.

Engineered for lower operating costs

Benefit from a proven compact geometry platform that has minimum surface room 10.1 m², a weight 51% lighter than previous generation and low power input requirements to ease siting and installation.

Provide a more informed diagnosis

CT scan services

Patients are counting on you. Count on Revolution ACT to help enhance your reputation for clinical excellence. It is designed to help you deliver higher quality results with more consistency and speed.

Impact patient care more profoundly

You’ll clearly see more with the new Clarity panel detector design that delivers a spatial resolution of 18 lp/cm. And Revolution CT-based electronics with DAS on Detector (DoD) helps lower noise by 20% for better image quality.

Be more confident on anatomical details and clinical confidences

Technologies like ultra-kernel with sub-millimeter imaging gives you sharp high resolution images to see anatomical structures in detail and clarity.

Manage radiation dose

Provide dose-conscious care to your patients with ASiR—our iterative reconstruction technology. Smart Dose gives you access to an array of dose reduction technologies for a wide variety of patients.

Experience a remarkable clinical performance—all within your reach.

Inspired by our most premium product, Revolution CT, the console of Revolution ACT has been designed from the ground up to make it easy to learn and use, saving 79% of clicks. Its modern look and feel is created from insights obtained from a wide cross section of radiologists and technologists.

Medical Plus (channel partner of GE Healthcare) is supplying to customers all over Australia and New Zealand. We have a well established installed base. For any further questions or to find out any more information, please feel free to contact the leaders in Veterinary Imaging—Medical Plus—on 03-9399 4987 or


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