Australia’s first parvovirus detection system signs up vet clinics to report parvo cases

parvovirus detection system

National pet charity Paws for A Purpose has developed an innovative online alerting system to help eliminate the deadly parvovirus and protect over 20,000 puppies and kittens that are infected every year. 

Co-founder of Paws for A Purpose, Dr Mark Kelman says that with half of all parvovirus cases ending in fatality, the first step to stopping parvo is reporting of cases. 

“Vets can quickly and easily report any canine or feline parvo case they see, on our new detection, tracking and outbreak-alerting website,” Dr Kelman said. 

“This rapid tracking of outbreaks means we can quickly advise communities and move to raise vaccination levels where the disease is spreading.

“Best of all, the website is completely free for vets to use and for the community to be informed about outbreaks as they occur.

“With the help of vets around the country, we believe we can eliminate parvo, one pet at a time.”

Dr Kelman added that during a parvo outbreak, seeing puppies dying from a preventable virus is heartbreaking, making parvo ALERT all the more important. 

“It’s exciting that vet clinics across Australia can work together through Parvo ALERT to help eliminate this terrible disease from our communities,” he said. 

“We’re encouraging vet clinics to diligently record cases, playing their role in this nationwide fight against parvo.” 

Key features of include: 

Parvo mapping: Mapping of all cases, so anyone can see where cases have occurred and where the high-risk areas are for disease transmission. 

Media alerts: Sending comprehensive media alerts to the mainstream media, to notify the public of parvo outbreaks and further raise awareness of the need for urgent vaccination in these areas. 

Email alerts: Creation of an email alert to be notified when outbreaks occur in your designated area. 

Parvo graphing: Graphing of parvo cases to see where disease outbreaks are worsening. 

Parvo hot-spotting: A unique tool that reports in real-time on the highest-risk regions for parvo. 

Easy and fast to use: The website works on PC, Mac, or smartphone device. 

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