First Canadian elected to WSAVA presidency

jabkitticha / 123RF Stock Photo
jabkitticha / 123RF Stock Photo

A Canadian veterinarian is the new president of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA). Dr Walt Ingwersen, a member of the association’s executive board, was elected to the presidency during the WSAVA World Congress 2016, which took place in Cartagena, Colombia, last month. He takes over from Professor Colin Burrows and will serve a two-year term.

Following qualification from Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) and a year in general small animal practice, Dr Ingwersen returned to the OVC for four years of postgraduate training. He followed this with 12 years in general and referral practice in Canada before going on to hold a range of non-clinical roles.

Among his achievements, he helped to develop and popularise the ISO global microchip standard for radiofrequency identification and bring it to North America—a project which brought him into contact with WSAVA for the first time.

Dr Ingwersen’s subsequent role with WSAVA was as a member of its microchip committee in 1996. He later worked as its news editor and webmaster and joined the executive board in 2008 as honorary secretary, a position he held for four years. In 2013, he led the creation of the WSAVA Global Pain Council and to this day, remains an active member of this committee.

As president, he will lead the delivery of WSAVA’s strategic plan, which is focused on engaging the association’s growing membership into an active, connected and supportive global community of veterinary peers.

“We are a global family and, by working together, we can make a real difference to the veterinary care of companion animals worldwide,” said Dr Ingwersen.

“It will be an exciting two years and I am honored to have this opportunity to serve our profession.”


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