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Caregiver burden impacts treatment outcomes

The impacts of medical treatments on the human-animal bond (HAB) is fast becoming a hot topic, with the rise of humanisation of pets, and new research insights demonstrating the power and importance of the HAB with human mental and physical wellness1.

One area that could be greatly impacting your client’s bond with their pet, and their ability to successfully manage a condition such as skin disease is called ‘Caregiver burden.’ Caregiver burden is the term used to describe cumulative stress and strain associated with physical, emotional, and financial care for an individual. When experienced by a pet owner, this can impact the compliance and ultimate success of the treatment.2

Objective Causes of Caregiver Burden:

  • Time (e.g administering medications)
  • Physical demands (e.g restraining for bathing or pilling)
  • Health (e.g physical response to stress)
  • Financial (e.g. cost of treatments)

Subjective Causes of Caregiver Burden:

  • Stress (eg. feeling worried or overwhelmed)
  • Frustration/ anger (e.g. At the vet team is the situation is improving)
  • Embarrassment
  • Guilt

Treatment choice impacts the level of caregiver burden experienced by pet owners3

In a UK Survey enquiring into 250 pet owners’ experience with Apoquel, some of the findings were surprising.

  • 65% reported challenges in giving their dogs conventional, tablet-based treatments3
  •  32% worry that their dog is not properly experiencing the benefit of conventional tablets3
  •  28% must build extra time into their day or interrupt their daily routine, in order to administer conventional tablets3
  •  70% of pet owners preferred the profile of Apoquel Chewable over the original ‘pill’ formulation3

An improved dosing experience may take the stress out of treatment for dogs and their owners2

Dermatology treatment advances started 10 years ago with Apoquel the first JAK inhibitor to enter the Australian market, followed by Cytopoint, the first monoclonal antibody in 2018. The introduction of a monthly injection has helped many patients successfully manage skin disease by aiding the ease of management for many owners.

Now there is a new addition to the Zoetis Dermatology range, Apoquel Chewable,that is not only comparable to Apoquel in price, safety, and efficacy, but provides these same benefits in a treat-like formula4.

Apoquel Chewable takes effect in under 4 hours, reducing pruritis and inflammation.4

Its flexible application can benefit both chronic allergic conditions and the management of acute conditions and short-term flares associated with skin disease.5

Importantly Apoquel Chewable could provide a more enjoyable experience between the dog and their carer while managing their pruritic skin condition, improving compliance & supporting the bond between dogs and their carers.2,3

Learn more about ‘Incorporating Apoquel Chewable into Practice,’ in the Clinician’s Forum by clicking HERE.

Apoquel Chewable is now available exclusively on Zoetis Direct

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