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The Vet Vault podcast

by Dr Sarah Fitzgerald, Fraser Coast Veterinary Services, Maryborough, QLD

The Vet Vault is a subscription podcast that produces three clinical episodes each week. One is on small animal medicine, one is on surgery, and one is on critical care. It’s hosted by two vets, Dr Hubert Hiemstra from the Sunshine Coast and Dr Gerardo Poli from Brisbane.

What’s good about it

I like it because each episode is presented as a conversation with a veterinary professional rather than a lecture. The whole series is a really easy way to engage in continuing education and keep abreast of new developments. It’s also a good way to refresh your memory about things you may not have looked at for a while. Each episode features a different expert in their chosen field. The two hosts do a great job asking the practical questions.

Once you subscribe, you have access to the whole back catalogue of episodes. I listen to it on my way to work; it gets me in the mood for a big day. A lot of the episodes are around diagnosis and management. They often ask questions about tricky cases and the little conundrums that come up on a day-to-day basis. It’s much more than just a general overview of a condition—it’s really a deep dive into things.

The subscription can be paid monthly or yearly. It’s in US dollars because of their streaming platform but it’s good value.

What’s not so good

You have to find the time to listen. For me, that’s easy to do on my commute. I’m always walking into work and saying, “I’m just listening to my podcast,” which I’m sure gets everyone a little annoyed.

Where did you get it

The Vet Vault

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