Empowering Veterinary Practices: Introducing the VHP-1315 All-in-One Portable Endoscopy System

all-in-one portable endoscopy system

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In the fast-evolving world of veterinary medicine, staying at the forefront of technology is crucial. TK-VETKIT is proud to introduce the latest innovation in veterinary diagnostics: the VHP-1315, a new generation all-in-one portable and multi-functional veterinary endoscopy system, which will be showcased at the upcoming AVA Conference 2024 in Melbourne.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Diagnostics

The VHP-1315 is engineered with a Full HD (1080P) image processor, inside cold light source and touch-screen control air/water pump, ensuring crystal-clear images that are critical for accurate diagnosis and treatment. This cutting-edge technology allows veterinarians to observe high-quality, detailed images, making it easier to identify issues that are often missed by standard devices.

Portability Meets Functionality

Flexibility in veterinary practice is non-negotiable. The VHP-1315’s all-in-one foldable design makes it exceptionally portable, allowing veterinarians to easily transport the device to any treatment area, whether at a vet hospital or in the field at a race track or zoo. Weighing just 8KG and equipped with an internal battery capable of running for 4 hours, the VHP-1315 ensures that high-quality endoscopic tools can be at the veterinarian’s side wherever they are needed.

Versatility in Applications

The VHP-1315 does not just adapt to environments—it adapts to needs. It is compatible with both rigid and flexible endoscopes in various diameters—slim as OD:2.8mm, length 610mm, big as OD: 11.5mm, length 3500mm. This versatility allows it to be used in a wide range of surgical and diagnostic applications, ensuring that veterinarians have the precise tool needed for every procedure.

Dr Marcus Cavallo performs a bronchoscopy on a puppy with the VHP-1315

Enhanced User Experience

The device features a 15.6-inch Full HD monitor with a built-in medical record management system, making patient information logging more accessible than ever.

Client Feedback and Availability

TK-VETKIT’s VHP-1315 veterinary endoscope is gaining international acclaim, with key European clients like Eickemeyer and Chilean veterinary expert Dr. Marcos Carvallo endorsing its superior capabilities. Dr. Carvallo’s rigorous testing of gastroscopy and bronchoscopy procedures on a puppy highlighted the VHP-1315’s exceptional image quality, zero-latency real-time imaging, and user-friendly functionality. His positive evaluation underscores the device’s potential to significantly enhance veterinary diagnostics and treatment procedures, validating its effectiveness and ease of use.

Experience the VHP-1315 at AVA Conference 2024

We invite all veterinary professionals to visit us at the AVA Conference 2024, held at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from May 27-30. Experience the VHP-1315 first-hand at Booth 67, presented by TK-VETKIT and our exclusive Australian distributor, Lateral Veterinary.

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