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planning software for orthopaedic surgery

by Dr Michael Reilly, Sheffield Veterinary Clinic, TAS

vPOP Pro is a software program we use for planning all our orthopaedic surgeries. It’s available by monthly or yearly subscription and is very affordable.

What’s good about it

It’s easy to use and quite intuitive. Most implant manufacturers have a good representation of their products on the software. You can plan your surgery with the implants of your choice. It clearly shows the length, breadth and screw positions of the implant which ensures a successful surgery.

Once the patient has been radiographed, the images are uploaded. The program is web-based and the images are stored remotely. All the information can be accessed from any computer which helps if you wish to do your pre-operative planning at home. The image is calibrated to the right size and can be manipulated via zoom, rotation, contrast and the like. It allows you to accurately measure various aspects of the image, then cut and move to mimic the upcoming surgery.

We order our implants through our wholesalers, Veterinary Instrumentation Australia. All their products are represented in the program. I just choose the plate I’m going to use and place it on the radiograph as if I’m placing it on the bone in surgery.

vPOP Pro allows for great accuracy in planning rather than just going in blind. While there’s always an element of uncertainty when making a first incision, this program reduces that element of uncertainty down to a much more comfortable level.

What’s not so good

I’d like it if the screws were visible with the implants in the images. Most manufacturers’ screws all look the same, so it would be easy to do. You would just need a generic screw option to get the full picture.

Where did you get it

vPOP Pro

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